"the best experiences in life are the ones you can taste"

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The gift of experience

We can't think of a better, finer than life, experience than the one of creating your own culinary oasis, at home. Whether a gift to loved ones or for yourself!

Just provide the kitchen

We'll provide you with everything else you need to experience a five  star restaurant style Chef experience. 

Custom experience

Whether you're hosting an elaborate dinner party for friends, or an intimate dinner for two. We'll make it an experience to remember!

Craft the perfect menu

A menu so good that it will impress any foodie. From vegans, to carnivores and those in between, you help create a menu that will check every box. 

Recreate Mexican Cuisine

We'd love to help you become the Top Chef of your kitchen, as you learn how to recreate your favorite Mexican dishes along with some classics.

Private cooking lessons 

We make it easy and fun to learn all the tips and tricks on preparing a truly authentic Mexican- Californian Fare.

Team Culinary Class

 We provide you with a fun way to team build, the best part is that you get to eat something delicious as soon as you're done. 

Celebrate your lesson

After your culinary class, you get to wind down and enjoy the delicious fruit of your labor!

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