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Supporting Our Mission 
We're seeking strategic non-profit partners to help us serve our community! 

We are a social justice enterprise serving as a bridge between non-profit organizations and the people they serve. 

Through our prepared meal services, food education curriculum creation, & hands on cooking classes, we provide our partners with the services that benefit the communities they support.

Community Meals Contracts 
We work around your organization's current funding & budget to craft community meals. 

We craft culturally relevant meals to serve a range variety of populations within Oakland and the Bay Area. We can support your foundation's mission by creating delicious & healthy pre-packaged meals and delivering them to the non-profit organization of your choice. 

Community Healthy Eating
& Cooking Workshops
We create food education curriculums to meet your organization's needs.

By partnering with local organizations who have the common goal of food education & empowerment we customize hands-on cooking workshops and classes.

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