The Cocina del Corazon Difference

Authentic Family Recipes 

As first generation Chicanos, our family's traditional Mexican recipes are held close to our hearts and our kitchen. We use these recipes to craft each of our Authentic menus. Classically trained, Chef Enrique comes from a family of longstanding cooks, and has learned the regional cuisine of Michoacan from the many summers spent with his grandmother and uncles at their Finca.

Sustainability is at the core

of our kitchen 

We care for Mother Nature, and know that you do too! From our sourcing practices to our waste disposal, we operate in a green matter. That's why we use only compostable materials for every event, and bring compost bags for easy clean up. All food waste created during prep time is composted.

Helping Mother Nature, one celebration at a time!

More than just great food 

We know that one first eats with their eyes, and therefore create a beautiful set-up at every event.

We take the time to ensure that each detail is taken care of, from the plating of food, to the signature linen, and tablescape decor, we transform your space! Our favorite little touch  is our customized menu boards, unique to each celebration.

Deep Oakland Roots 

We're proud to be from Oakland, and to operate our small business in our beloved Fruitvale. We support local businesses, and strongly believe that it's our duty to give back to our community. By working with local non-profits, grassroots organizations, and schools our hearts are fulfilled.