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Services We Provide 
Community Meals 

In 2020 during a time of collective hardship, we partnered with local organizations to help bridge the gap between healthy prepared meals and those who needed them most. Working alongside World Central Kitchen, Mandela Partners, Community Kitchens, The Unity Council,  St. Mary's Center, and Dig Deep Farms we cooked thousands of meals for underserved communities of elderly people, single mothers, immigrant & refugee folks, at risk youth and the unhoused. 

Each meal was crafted using locally sourced produce, and culturally relevant ingredients while packaged in compostable boxes. 

Cooking Classes & Workshops

In partnership with The Unity Council in East Oakland and Alcohol Justice in Marin County, we are providing community members with healthy eating classes & hands-on cooking workshops.

By empowering individuals through the food they craft  we help create a positive domino effect within the communities we serve.

We believe that education is power and that knowledge is one of our greatest assets.    

We provide corporate cooking lessons for
team building activities & retreats. 
one of our happy clients

Through our partnership with The Hope Collaborative

 we provided 200 free delicious meals each month and distribute them throughout local Mutual Aid "Town Fridge" locations in East & West Oakland.  

Meals were also distributed to the Homies Empowerment Town Fridge held at their Freedom store. 

Each meal was made using locally sourced produce & lots of love.


Our small business began as a sustainable catering company dedicated to making a difference in an otherwise wasteful industry.  We proudly served our family's authentic & traditional Mexican recipes with a fresh and organic Californian twist. We coined the fusion of our two culture's flavors as

"Mexo-Californio" Cuisine, and provided an upscale food experience for private and corporate celebrations.

During this time we took care of our community by providing sliding scale catering services to community organizations such as local churches, schools,

non profits, and serving hot dinner service once a month to our veteran community. 

People Love Us!
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