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Cocina del Corazon & JP Morgan Chase Small Business Mentorship Program

Bringing healthy food options to communities in need, with a little help from our friends.

When the COVID19 Pandemic forced our small business to close in March of 2020, we found ourselves with our catering operations on hold until the unforeseen future and with no steady income. Instead of closing the doors to our business, we made the decision to pivot our business to better serve our community. Using our love of food, our community, and the planet we set out to help craft locally sourced, culturally relevant meals to our Oakland neighbors in most need.

With the assistance of local non-profit partners, like World Central Kitchen, Mandela Partners, Community Kitchens and St. Mary's Center we have been able to feed thousands of people through these county funded food programs.

In April more than a year after the Pandemic began, we found ourselves at a crossroads in our business, trying to figure out how to continue our work towards food equality, finding new partnerships and in need of a lot of help. This is when the JP Morgan Chase Mentorship Program came in to support our business .

Through our acceptance to this four week mentorship program, we were paired with five members of the JP Morgan Chase team, and with their help we developed a detailed pitch deck presentation to help us access funding from strategic partners in Oakland and to be able to serve even more people than before.

The food insecurities and inequalities that affect black, brown, elderly, unhoused, and underserved communities have only been magnified within the last year and a half, and there is no sight of these food issues ending. This is why, we continue on our mission to bring delicious, healthy, and ready to eat meals to the residents of our beloved hometown.

We are grateful for the support we received from our amazing team!

Wayne, Aeryn, Theo, Nick and Aleesha at JP Morgan Chase were incredibly dedicated to our mission and provided us with a powerful tool for our business.

With our pitch deck on hand, we look forward to keep feeding Oakland.


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