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Virtual Tamal Making Class for Square Inc!

Teaching the art of cooking from the heart, one Tamal at a time.

Chef Enrique Soriano teaching the Community at Square

A few days ago the folks over at Square Inc invited us to be a part of their community, and provided us with a platform to share our love of food and connection.

We had such a fun time sharing our tamales recipe with the staff at Square.

During our virtual tamal making class, our students crafted a seasonal vegan tamal along with a tasty yogurt "cream" and a chili oil salsa.

Although this Pandemic has kept us apart from so many people, it was the highlight of our week to be able to share space with a community of great folks.

Here's our final product!

ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH & KALE TAMAL w/ Honey-Cilantro Yogurt "Crema"

2021 Is the year of Innovation, and we will be working towards doing more of these virtual events! If you know of a company who would like to provide this virtual experience for their community, feel free to send them our way!


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