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Woohoo! We are proud to be PowerUp Grantees.

We’re excited to announce that we have been selected as a #PowerUpGrantee! Through Hispanics in Philanthropy’s PowerUp Fund we are receiving capital as well mentoring from Ureeka to help us not only survive this pandemic but to thrive long after. Thanks to Google for helping make it all possible and for recognizing the power of Latinx small businesses!

Latinx businesses contribute over $700 billion dollars to the economy each year, yet Latinx founders face barriers to access the resources needed to help our businesses thrive. Time for a change! Today, @BeHIPGive, & announced their #PowerUpGrantees and we’re honored to be one of them. As a grantee, we’re receiving not just funding but mentoring as well in order to set us up to thrive post-pandemic & economic crisis.


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